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马云高考两次落榜 勉强考进大学学英语

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In the year 1999, with the help of more than a dozen friends who pooledtheir resources - some $60,000 - Jack Ma, founded Alibaba, abusiness-to-business online platform. No one at that time would have thought asmall start-up would initiate the world s largest initial public offering (IPO)on Wall Street, earning higher profits than those of interational giants likeAmazon.com and eBay combined.


Ma s bold ambitions, which were birthed in a time when China was a digitalbackwater, were realized last week.


The initial public offering, which will raise as much as $25 billion,cements his position as one of China s richest.


Charismatic and energetic, Ma is nicknamed “Crazy Jack Ma” and is seen asChina s version of Steve Jobs or Bill Gates, according to AP. And his story ofstarting an empire from scratch already makes him an inspiration to millionsacross China.

马云的超凡魅力和活力,被美联社昵称为“疯狂的杰克 马”,将其视为中国的乔布斯或比尔 盖茨。而他白手起家创建电商帝国的故事也早已激励了数百万中国人。

Ma isn t just popular because of his wealth. He also possessescommunication skills that allow him to communicate with audiences from a widevariety of cultural contexts through roadshows and TV interviews.


Reflecting on his success as a startup manager and English major, we try toanalyze how Ma used his language skills to become an international superstar andprofound visionary.


Underdog who seized the moment


Ma failed his college entrance exams twice. He managed to enroll inHangzhou Normal University on his third attempt, where he studied English.


He graduated in 1988 and taught English for years at the Hangzhou Instituteof Electronic Engineering.


Ma first experienced the Internet in 1995 on a short trip to Seattle. Hecan remember searching for the word “beer” on Yahoo!.


Ma noticed there was not a single online listing for “China” and “beer”,unlike those that popped up for American and German beer.


He quickly became obsessed with this online information system. Gradually,his obsession turned into a vision.


According to USA Today, he believed in the Internet s business potentialwhen few other Chinese did. So in 1999, Alibaba, which is dedicated to promotingonline businesses, was born in his apartment.


At the time e-commerce was unheard of in China.


“I called myself a blind man riding on the back of blind tigers,” he oncesaid to The Guardian.


It turns out he was right.


“The business model Ma Yun created in China suited the Chinese market,”said Feng Pengcheng, director of the China Research Center for CapitalManagement at the University of International Business and Economics.


“Ma seized opportunities as China was transforming into a market economywith the middle class unleashing buying power online on a significantscale.”