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If you feel a twinge of jealousy each time you read about another successful person who wakes up at 4 a.m. to meditate, jog, read a novel, and eat two grapefruits, take heart. You don't have to add three leisurely hours to your morning routine to be happy or productive. In fact, plenty of the habits that can help you start your day takefive minutes or less. Several of those habits are listed under the Quora thread, "What can I do in 5 minutes in the morning to make my whole day better?"

是否在你每次读到关于某位成功人士早晨四点起床、冥想、慢跑、读小说、吃两瓣葡萄柚时,就会十分嫉妒呢?那就请你振作起来吧。你不必再花三个宝贵的钟头来做早晨那些琐事,就为开心或者效率更高些。事实上,很多习惯可以帮您开启新的一天,而且只需五分钟的时间或者连五分钟都用不了。有很多习惯在Quora thread网站上都有列出,“早晨用五分钟来做些什么可以让我整个一天都不一样呢?”

Below, find some of the simplest routines to tackle your day feeling refreshed and ready to tackle whatever challenges come your way.


1. Write down three things you're grateful for


Quora user Nela Canovic suggests writing down three things you're grateful for every morning. "Think about what you already have in your life," she writes. "Don't focus only on material things (such as a car or computer), but rather think in more simple or basic terms." For example, you might express gratitude for friends, family, or your education. This strategy is similar to the "three good things" exercise recommended by Martin Seligman, a professor of psychology at the University of Pennsylvania and one of the founders of the positive psychology movement. Seligman and colleagues advise people to take time each night to write down three positive developments that happened that day, along with an explanation for why they did. You can, however, easily adapt this exercise for the morning and think about three things you're grateful for in general.

Quora用户Nela Canovic建议每天早晨写下三件你所感恩的事情。“想想你所拥有的,”她写道。“不要只集中在物质方面(如车或者电脑),而是要想那些更简单的或者更基本的名目。比如,你可以对你所拥有的朋友,家人或者所受的教育表示一下感恩。这一策略跟“三件好事”运动很相似,这一活动是由宾夕法尼亚大学的心理学教授以及积极心理学运动创始人之一Martin Seligman提倡的。Seligman和他的同事们建议人们每晚花点时间写下当日发生的三件积极发展的事情,并且要附上理由说明。然而,你也可以在早晨借鉴一下这项运动并且总体思考一下你所心怀感恩的三件事情。

2. Think about what would make today great


Canovic recommends another, more prospective exercise: "Write one sentence about something that, if it were to happen, would make you feel like today will be a positive, productive, unique day." It can be something as simple as going to bed before midnight or spending an hour doing something you love, she says. Once you figure out exactly what would make you feel happy and accomplished, you can go about making it happen.


3. Meditate


Science suggests meditation has myriad benefits, from helping you deal with stress and negative emotions, to boosting your memory, to strengthening your immune system. But meditation doesn't necessarily mean sitting in silence for hours on end. As Ariel Banayan points out, "sitting for five minutes to detach from the thoughts of your mind will have a profound impact on your day." If you're unsure how to get started, the UCLA Mindful Awareness Research Center offers some free guided meditations, some of them five minutes or shorter.

科学显示冥想有很多好处,可以帮你减轻压力,舒缓消极情绪,提高记忆力还可以增强你的免疫系统。但冥想不等于默默地坐上几个小时。如Ariel Banayan指示,坐上五分钟,并且让思维游离开去会给你的一天带来深远的影响。如果你还不确定如何开始,加利福尼亚大学洛杉矶分校思想意识研究中心提供了一些免费的指导,其中有一些只需要五分钟或者更短。

4. Exercise


Minh Killy Le recommends five minutes of exercise right after you wake up. His favorite is planking, which is similar to a push-up. Research suggests that working out before you eat breakfast can help you lose weight and boost your energy levels — though the workouts in these studies lasted about an hour, or until the participants had burned 400 calories. Regardless of how long you choose to exercise, be sure to warm up beforehand, since your muscles will likely be stiff from sleep.